It is made of four towers, built under the order of Byzantine emperors, and 3 other towers built under the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Genç Osman Tower This tower is named after Genç Osman, who was killed on the second floor of this tower. The Ammunition Tower As may be inferred from its name, it was used as an ammunitions warehouse during the time it belonged to the state. The Tower of Ahmet, III Ahmet III contributed tothe building and restoration of the tower to a great extent and ensured that the floors were supported with beams. The Treasury Tower This was once a place where the treasury owned by the State would be kept. The Dungeon Tower Also known as the Tower of Tablets, it is one of the towers used as a dungeon. The Cannon Tower This was also used as a prison. The Flag Tower Since this was the place where the flag flew, the janissary troops would guard this area. It still retains its robust structure even today.

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