With well appointed contemporary interior design, and its centuries old architecture the venue oozes trend and excitement. When you add the extraordinary attention to detail, individualized service and HIP aspect in the mix, hotel experiences is simply redefined.

With its 16 rooms that feature breathtaking scenes from the Bosphorus, A'jia truly offers a private hideaway with easy access to historical and cultural attractions of the city.

Contributing to overall experience of its valued guests, each room is a delight to discover as they are uniquely designed, furnished and equipped with all the latest gimmicks and amenties belending in perfectly with the timeless elegance of the 1800's.

“Five Star Diamond” The A’jia restaurant

The A'jia restaurant is an exlusive venue with a gusto that is happy duel any 'gourmet' to perfection. And private events are a treat, with unique approach in offering exqusitive menus and creative ideas

A'jia Restaurant has been rewarded with the "Five Star Diamond Award" by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences... its restaurant is an exclusive venue for gourmets and private events.

Consisting of delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine. A'jia's sumptuous menu acquires a unique charecter in the skilled hands of award-winning chef and his culinary team.

In addition to servind lunch, dinner, breakfast between 07:00-10:30 and brunch on Sunday that continues until 15:30, A'jia presents an exceptional alternative for people who would like to have a view of the Bosphorus amd enjoy the historical charecter of Ahmet Rasim Pasha Mansion in a minimalist new setting

A shining Banquet at A’jia

For special occasions and events, A'jia turns private dinings, weddings into sumptuous entertaining with its sense of style and Bosphorus view.A'jia hosts 350p dinners, 800p cocktails and 500p prolonged cocktais in summer. In winter, it has a capacity of 120p dinners, 200p cocktail organisations. Apart from its standard menus.A'jia also gives wedding organization consultancy to its guests relating to the concept they have in mind with special menus, music, decor arrangements. A'jia is in cooperation with private wedding agencies and organizators as well. A'jia's most powerful marketting investment lies in the guests it has gained through the unique sumptuous organizations.

+90 216 413 9300
Halide Edip Adıvar Cd 27, 34812 Istanbul, Turkey