Aqua Florya Shopping Mall

Aqua Florya Shopping Mall has a brand new concept that will change your point of view to the conception of an ordinary mall, was opened on October 4th 2012. The biggest attraction point of the Aqua Florya Shopping Mall which combines fun and joy of shopping together will be to contain Istanbul Aquarium, the world’s biggest thematic aquarium. In addition to that, it has many distinguishing features, such as sea view cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious tastes of the world cuisine, and an amphitheater that hosts many events.


In Istanbul Florya, its welcoming visitors to;  a closed area of 45.000 m², an open air amphitheater seating capacity of 900, 11 movie theatres with seating capacity of 1280 people, a landscape and walking area of 52.000 m², exhibition and cultural activity areas,  an open square area of 13.000 m², an Open  Bazaar  areas and  huge selection of brands.  The Shopping Mall is open 7 days of week, between hours of 10:00-22:00, with the fascinating view and the ambience that will make you feel special.


The Investment Profile of Aqua Florya Shopping Mall; The enterprising of the project is being executed by a consortium partnership of 4 big companies as Nuhoglu Constructions, Metal Yapı Constructions, Alt ve Ust Yapı Constructions and Nas Constructions.

Senlikkoy Mahallesi Yesilkoy Halkalı Cad. No:93 Florya Istanbul
0212 574 5900