Sura Kebab House looks after the culture of the Ottoman

House Doors at the heart of the Historical Penninsula

Sura Hotel welcomes you with the latest features in comfort and style for their guest’s. Sura offers 60 innovative designed rooms and suites. Their rooms are among the largest and most luxurious  accomodations in Sultanahmet. There are four different stylish floors, Amber,Turquoise,Lapis, and Silver. Sura Kebap House is working with Regional Master Cooks to serve you meticulous local tastes. Restaurant is sharing with you the spacious privilige with 300 PAX indoor capacity and 60 PAX outdoor capacity. Also located off the lobby, the Sura Kebap House offers the perfect lounge space for all guests from inside and outside, with several comfortable seating groups. One of best specialities of Sura Kebap House is the meat which is specialy manufactured in the Farms belonging to the restaurant, consisting of organic raw stuff. You can sit back and enjoy infront of the Kebab cooker while they make your special choice.

Binbirdirek Mh., Divan Yolu Cd No:45, 34110 ISTANBUL, Turkey
+90 212 513 6666