An Ottoman Stone house by Bosphorus hosts its guests with unforgettable tastes.

At Toro Steak House modern and classic meet under the same roof.Its decoration reflects the sophistication of minimalism and its friendly crew hosts their guests cordially at a location where it is the pearl of the Bosphorus.

A short blue voyage by a private yacht from Europe to Asia…

A trend of taste is brought to the Asian side of Istanbul by Toro . Locals of the European

Side of the city can reach this trend by VIP yacht service.Toro’s “European “guests take the benefit of this experience in addition to their tasty pleasure.

Unforgettable Tastes…

Steak Burger prepared from sirloin steak served with its homemade sauce and bread, Steak Morsel  served with hot mustard sauce, as a dessert Chocolate Terin are the most ordered dishes of Toro.

Toro except from its rich menu gives the butchering services. Meat is rested at its special dry age fridges.

An Istanbul Morning at the Bosphorus…

A new service of Toro is weekend Brunch.Toro has rich variety of breakfast dishes served with home made bread selections.

Stone house of 200 years by the Bosphorus has an interesting story as well.It has been built as an “Elephant Depot” in 1800’s. In those times Elephants are sent to the Ottoman Empire by ship and they had to wait for a period at this depot for some checks and sent to Anatolia. The building renowated in 1900’s and served as grain alcohol factory.

Del-Mare Ristorante is situated right next to the Toro Steak House which is one of the most beautiful places on the Bosphorus and one of the friendliest neighborhoods of İstanbul. 

Del-Mare has been a highly popular venue for the people of İstanbul since the day it opened.

With is authentic and historical building, Del-Mare is a very elegant venue where you can accommodate your special guests, celebrate a special day your organize company dinners.

Del-Mare Ristorante, which has a historical setting, was used as stable for elephants at the beginning of the 1800’s. A chimney was added to it around the beginning of the 1900’s and it was converted into a distillery.


DELMARE 2014 New Year Menu



Portakal Soslu Lakerda

Levrek Carpaccıo ,balsamik sos ile

İsli ahtapot bacağı, naneli limon sos ile

Rezeneli Somon Füme


Humuslu ve mantarlı ızgara karides ,ızgara limon ile

Izgara kalamar ,tarator sos ile

Fırında çıtır balık mantısı, az acılı domates sos ile


Delmare Salatası

Karışık yeşillik isli ahtapot ve somon ,ballı limon sos ile


Trüf mantarlı ızgara deniz levreği

Kestaneli patates püresi bebek karışık sebze ile

ya da

Izgara lagos balığı

az acılı sote ıspanak sote arpacık soğanı ile



Kestaneli ıslak kek ,beyaz çikolata sos ile


İşkembe Çorbası

Çay- Kahve –Likör

Limitsiz Yerli İçki

(Doluca antik ya da Buzbağ Klasik-Yeni Rakı)

KDV DAHİL 200 TL +% 8 servis ücreti




Kuleli Caddesi No:45 / 1 Rıhtım Kat Çengelköy / Istanbul, Turkey
+90 216 422 5703