Tekfur Saray (Palace of the Porphyrogenitus) This is the only palace that has survived from the Byzantine Era up to now. (Palaces Section P. 56)

Mihrimah Sultan Külliyesi-Edirnekapı

This külliye was ordered by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman for his daughter Mihrimah Sultan and was built by Mimar Sinan. The construction of the külliye is thought to have been completed in the 1560's. The külliye consists of a mosque, double bathhouse, a tomb and a children's school. The mosque has a single dome with a diameter of 20 meters and a height of 37 meters. It has a single minaret. The mosque is illuminated with 161 windows. The ornamental inlaying on the windows and door wings are precious works of art. In the direction of Mecca from the mosque are the children's school and the tomb of Güzel Ahmed Paşa. Nothing has survived from the bazaar up to now.

Kariye Museum

This is church is considered to have been the Renaissance of Byzantine art. (Museums Section P. 36)