Karaköy Namlı Gourmet With meat and cheese products, Namli (since 1929) sells 6 thousand products, including traditional white Trakya cheese made from sheep and goat milk, not very porous, odour free, and fatty. People say zine cheese is the most ideal cheese. On the other hand, ka?ar, a different kind of cheese should be more porous. In Karaköy Namli Gourmet offers 22 kinds of olives and more than 50 kinds of cheese. Along with traditional cheeses, they offer olive oil and olives blended with dried tomatoes, peppers, and oregano.Walnut Bodrum olives also provide a special flavour.

Köşkeroğlu Baklava Our company established in 1946 by Haci M.Ali KAYA in Gaziantep.The name was Altıntel and it is very famous with a sort of traditional dessert - Kadayıf.It was so famous that Turkish Prime Minister Adnan MENDERES had sent kadayıf to J.F. Kennedy and Kennedy sent a fountain pen to express his pleasure to Haci M.Ali KAYA. In 1986 a branch of Altıntel established in İstanbul and changed the brand name as KÖŞKEROĞLU, the memory of their grandfather. Köşkeroğlu is famous with traditional Ottoman and Sout Eastern Cuisine. Baklava the famous dessert is produced with the original obtained goods from South eastern part of Turkey. All goods are still bought by Hac Mehmet Ali KAYA and sent to İstanbul periodically.

Arab Mosque This was built originally as a church in the 6th century and then was replace in its current Gothic style in the 13th century. In the 15th century it was assigned to the Muslims fleeing the inquisition in Spain-- thus the name the Arab Mosque. The bell tower was converted to a minaret. With its rectangular plan and wood ceiling, it is the biggest mosque in Galata. The dream of Leonardo The first one to come up with the idea that a bridge should be built on the Golden Horn was the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. The letter Leonardo wrote to the Ottoman Emperor was found in Topkapı Palace in 1952. Even the labels of fezzes imported displayed gravures of the Bridge of Golden Horn.