A long with the development of tourism, various accommodation that suit all income levels as well as all interests have been established in İstanbul. Hotels and guesthouses can be found everywhere, particularly in places where you can have a beautiful view of the city. Historical structures were turned into hotels in Sultanahmet, in the historical peninsula of İstanbul. Hotels with terraces generally attract attention. There are luxurious boutique hotels with every possible comfort in them and guesthouses which are relatively cheaper in the district. Five-star hotels are generally located in Taksim, Beşiktaş and Levent. They usually have a good view of the Bosporus. These hotels also include sports and health care facilities, swimming pools, Turkish bathhouses, conference rooms, and children clubs. All types of conferences and organizations can be organized in these hotels. There are also other hotels that meet only basic needs and suit lower income levels. They are usually located around transportation centers like train stations and bus stations. They offer only bathrooms and lodging. Accommodations other than big hotels set different fees according to specific seasons. The period between April and October is considered to be the summer season and fees are higher during this time. It is advisable to reserve a room before special days like the New Year or festivals.

Five-star hotels in Sultanahmet, Taksim, Talimhane, and other districts of İstanbul serve their visitors with sauna and massage, as well as Turkish bathhouses.




As in many locations of Eminönü, there are five-star hotels which offer every possible comfort on Divanyolu Avenue in the city center.



Old houses built on small pieces of land in Sultanahmet are being restored and turned into apart hotels today. There are a room for the parents, a room for children, a sitting room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, as well as all essential furniture, making them suitable for accommodation of families.



As Sultanahmet is an historical site, hotels are not allowed to be built with many floors. However, they usually included terraces, as they offer a good view.




Wooden Ottoman houses of the 19th century in Sultanahmet Soğukçeşme Street were restored and turned into accommodation in special status under the name “Ayasofya Konakları” (Hagia Sophia Mansions). These buildings have all kinds of comforts inside while their wooden interior is preserved.