The Museum of Turkish and Islamic (Ibrahim Pasa Palace)

Everyday except Monday 09.20-16.30 This is the first Turkish museum that comprehensively covers Turkish and Islamic art. The museum, which was established under the name of Evkaf-ı İslamiye Museum in the soup kitchen section of the Süleymaniye Külliye in 1914, was moved to the İbrahim Paşa Palace between the years 1965 and 1983 and opened to visitors in 1983. It is the only private palace other than palaces of sultans that has survived up to now. The building rises above arches and surrounds the terrace in the middle from three sides. Rare artwork created in various countries are exhibited in rooms and galleries. Stone and clay works, metal and ceramic objects, glassware and codexes are the most precious artwork of their eras. Brilliant Turkish carpets belonging to the 13thto the 20th centuries are exhibited in a section full of large windows and galleries. This unique exhibition is the richest collection of the world. Selçuk carpets of the 13th century and other eras are exhibited within this collection. The lower floor of the carpet section is the ethnographic section, where artwork and artifacts of daily Turkish life are exhibited.

Sultanahmet Square
(0212) 522 17 50
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