The Celine Hotel


41° 0' 21.762" N, 28° 58' 23.0772" E

Built in a totally renovated antique mansion located at the city's historic center, The Celine Hotel is a part of Istanbul's immaculate cultural legacy. It provides you a unique experience with its timeless atmosphere, close proximity to museums and historical sites, as well as ease of connection to modern Istanbul's vibrant lifestyle.

The Celine Hotel

The Celine is located at Istanbul's historic center, and moreover, it is part of the city's immaculate cultural legacy. Built in a totally renovated antique mansion, the hotel has a magnificent location at an tranquil, old Istanbul street, just steps away from major attractions such as the Blue Mosque, or the Topkapi Palace. 

The street takes its name from the "Peyks", the legendary élite runners of the Ottoman army, who were said to be capable to cover over 90 miles a day on their enduring legs at a running pace. In close proximity to the Topkapi Palace and Janissary barracks, the street once served as headquarters area for Peyks. 

The hotel takes its name from Celini, the moon goddess, for it is said that no other city presents a more blessed sight than Istanbul, under the "mehtap", the poetic name given to moonlight by the locals.

Your stay in Celine Hotel will provide you with a unique experience. You would enjoy its close proximity to museums, historical sites, as well as the easy access for public transport connection to modern Istanbul's vibrant lifestyle centers. Yet, the "Peykhane (Houses of Peyks)" street would give you the change to enjoy the calm of old Istanbul neighborhoods, where time takes a slower running.

The Celine Legacy 

The hotel's building is a renovated mansion, built probably in the late 18th or the early 19th century as a private mansion for a high ranking "Peyk" officer. Walking around the hotel is like travelling through time, an exploration of legacies and memories.

Apart from the hotel's main entrance, which leads to a small, but elegantly built lobby, there is an ancient tunnel, which undoubtedly was part of a even older settlement, and which is restored to its original condition, giving direct access to inner courtyard restaurant and the hotel bar.

The Celine Sophistication

Warm and cozy it may be, The Celine's elaborate style elevates the expectations from luxurious accommodation, with traditional hospitality, rooms combining elegance with comfort,  expert concierge services, laundry & dry cleaning, on-demand airport transportation, and Wi-Fi use made available at all parts of the building.

Behind the lavish details of the hotel's authentic decoration, latest technologies, including state-of-the-art smoke detection and sprinkling systems, as well as surveillance networks are used for your safety at all times.

The Celine Bar 

Istanbul offers a wide choice of inciting culinary experiences. The Celine guests are easily connected to Istanbul's pulsating  nightlife with easy access to traditional or modern centers of the city.

Yet, if you want to spend a quiet evening, at your hotel's warm atmosphere, feel free to walk past the elaborate coffee-drinking corner and the inner courtyard, used for breakfast service, located at level B-1, for the hotel bar. 

The Bar awaits you, and The Celine never ceases to surprise for you will jump from past to present, from the orient to the occident, as the bar is styled as a typical Irish pub for a nice contrast of styles.


The Celine Rooms


The Celine Comfort

The Celine has 14 rooms, each decorated after late-Ottoman housing fashion with high quality furniture, while making the elegance the host of state-of-art technologies that are made available for your comfort. Modern comforts, such as mini bar, entertainment gadgets including iPod decks, and daily choice of pillow is available at all rooms. 

Massive wood lockers which are illuminated inside with motion - sensitive led lights, to bathrooms featuring traditional marble floors which are heated by the same method ancient architects used to give warmth to seraglio baths, as well as Jacuzzi tubs; the rooms offer ingenious design and a stylish touch to create memorable moments.

The Celine Comfort comes in;

Superior Rooms; with king size or twins bed; approximately 16 to 18 square meters / 172 - 194 square feet

Deluxe Rooms; with king size or twins bed; approximately 21 to 23 square meters / 226 - 248 square feet

Executive Rooms; with king size or twins bed; approximately 18 to 28 square meters / 194 - 301 square feet


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Istanbul / Turkey