The Madien's Tower, Signature of Istanbul


41° 1' 15.6972" N, 29° 0' 15.2208" E

The Maiden’s tower has located between asia&europe, this island has valuable

service to our guest from 2000 to the present with legends histories.

At 2012 the maiden's tower had made in renovation work with it deserves

environments, gained its. 09.00-18.45 hours between the daytime service;

cafeteria, a unique view of the observation terrace and 2012, entered service in

the maiden's tower legends exhibit ‘legends exhibition’ guests experience

unforgettable moments.


The maiden Tower is started the first “ White Glove Service “for international

cuisine in the unique dishes precious to our guests .

Throughout the years, the lovers,the unique Istanbul against the views of each

other,and say "yes" to the sentence of love, immortalized in this unique

venue,always dreaming of for a memorable wedding parties and special events

from the hosts.