Küçüksu Pavilion

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Kucuksu Pavilion was built by Sultan Abdulmecit in the mid-19th century in the location known as Bagce-i Goksu on the Asian shores of the Bosphorus, near the Anatolian Fortress. The pavilion was completed in 1857 by the imperial architect Nikogos Balyan. It has three floors including the basement where there were kitchens and storage rooms. Kucuksu was used as a hunting lodge and as a resting mansion by several sultans and restored by Sultan Abdulaziz. The building has a European style in its architecture: rooms and halls are decorated with exquisite fireplaces made of Italian marble, fine wood parquet floosr, European furniture, crystal chandeliers, and mirrors with sultans' tugra (signature), Hereke carpets, paintings etc.
Kucuksu Kasri was used as a state guest house for a short time during the Republic period and then was opened as a museum. There is a small cafeteria in the courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the ships passing while sipping your Turkish tea or Turkish coffee.

Anadolu Hisarı, Beykoz
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