Yıldız Palace The Chalet

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09.00-15.00 Except for Monday, Thursday This neighborhood, which was called “Has Bahçe (Has Garden)" during Sultan Ahmed the First's era was very popular during Sultan Murad the Fourth and Sultan Selim the Third eras. A pavilion called Yıldız, (Star) was built by Sultan Selim the Third for his mother Mihrişah Valide Sultan. The palace has 60 rooms and four hall rooms. These magnificent places were decorated with engravings, geometric ornaments, and scenic panels reflecting Baroque, Rococo and Islamic influences. Pavilions and summer palaces were added to this complex and consequently it took the name Yıldız Palace during Sultan Abdülhamid's era, and became the fourth governmental centre of the Empire.

Dolmabahçe Street, Beşiktaş
(0212) 236 90 00 (20 lines)